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  1. Answer the General and Web Search Questions below.
  2. Download the Search Questions form (docx | pdf) .
  3. Complete the Search Questions and save as both the creator file (Word.docx) and the presentation file (pdf).
  4. Post the PDF file containing your responses to the questions.

General Questions

  1. Have you used technology to support your teaching? If so, briefly describe your favorite applications (e.g. blog, course websites, Facebook, powerpoint, prezi, spreadsheets, twitter, wikis,) and how they were used in your teaching.
  2. Have you been in classes that integrated technology? If so, briefly describe your favorite applications and how they were used.

Search Questions

Text Searches

  1. Conduct an Internet search and locate your favorite one-liner(s) related to education and technology. If known, include the author's name.
    Example: "If we teach today the way we taught yesterday then we rob our children of tomorrow." ~ John Dewey
  2. Consider you philosophy of learning and/or teaching with technology and find at least three web sites that reflect your philosophy. Reply with one or two paragraphs that describe your philosophy of teaching with technology. List the affiliated web sites with the URL.
    Example: Association for Educational Communications and Technology - (
  3. How many people currently live in the state where you were born? How many square miles are there in your home state?
  4. Include a picture your home state's capital building and briefly describe its architecture.
  5. When it is 1PM in Dubai, what time is it in the city where you wer born? List the city and state.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  1. Provide the longitude and latitude of a parent/friend's house. How many other houses there are on that block. If the house is not on a block, how many houses are between the target house and the closest major intersection (not including the private road that leads to the house).
  2. Indicate which GIS service are you using (e.g. Google Earth, Yahoo Maps, Map Quest).


  1. Respond to this question in Spanish. "¿Cuál es su deporte favorito, película y actor?"

Media Searches

  1. Find a favorite video on educational technology and post the name of the video with the URL.
  2. Mystery person. Who is this person? Where does she live?
    who is this person?

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