Educational Imagery

Instruction for Educational Imagery


Part1:Educational Image Manipulation
Find an image (photo or illustration) related to the content you plan to teach using the Google image search or other serching sites listed below. Save the original image in digital format and modify the image as described below.

  1. Preview the sample image presentation file ( pdf ).
  2. Find a image that is related to the content you teach and resize and crop so that it is 400 pixels wide X 300 pixels high. Save this 400 X 300 image as a jpeg file and name it original.jpg. Copy the original.jpg file and save as ("image_1.jpg" file).
  3. Crop the image. Save the cropped image ("image_2.jpg" file).
  4. Adjust the brightness and/or contrast. Save the adjusted image ("image_3.jpg" file).
  5. Adjust the color using variations option. Save the adjusted image ("image_4.jpg" file).
  6. Desaturate the image color to bake it a black and white image. Save the adjusted image ("image_5.jpg" file).
  7. Enlarge a portion of the image significantly. Make the enlarged section about the same sixe 400 x 300 as the original image. Save the adjusted image ("image_6.jpg" file).
  8. Download an editable version of the sample image presentation file ( docx | rtf ) and replace the sample images with the ones you created.
  9. Save your new image presentation file as a pdf and post to your portfolio or website.

Part 2: Educational Mosaic
Demonstrate your ability to select, resize and blend images by creating a graphic mosaic of a specific size that reflect your pholosophy and style toward teaching and learning.

  1. Find a sequence of images that reflect your phiolosophy or style of teaching.
  2. Using Photoshop Elements, Resize the images so that they re 140 pixels high.
  3. Arrange the images in a sequence so that the overall width is between 680 pixels wide. Your final image should be 140 pixels high and 680 pixels wide.
  4. Continue to refine the layout and blend (Gaussian Blur) the layers if appropriate.
  5. Save the file as a jpeg image and incoporate it on the front of your portfolio. (see example)

You may download these practice images (zip) to see examples of images that you might collect. The images you select should be relevant for the content area you teach.

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