Universal Design

Activities for Universal Design

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Activities: Universal Design for Learning

  1. Select a minimum of two of your favorite instructional websites (or other instructional resource) and use the checklist in Resources under Documents to evaluate the web sites according to their adherence to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. For each evaluation, provide suggestions for developers to enhance the websites based on the principles of UDL.

    As a group, discuss how you will integrate into your teaching one of the three Universal Design principles: 1) Multiple Means of Representation; 2) Multiple Means of Action and Expression; 3) Multiple Means of Engagement). Next pick three of the characteristics that you deem are most critical in supporting each principle. One member of your group should describe how you will implement the overall principle. The other members should explain why the selected characteristics are considered critical. Use these guides for your discussion (PDF | docx).

  3. OPTIONAL Write a paragraph or two that describes your general reflection on how you will integrate UDL principles in your teaching. Next select 4-6 terms from the UDL glossary below and explain how you would integrate these ideas and concepts into your classroom lessons.

  4. OPTIONAL The Climate Change iBook found in resources is designed for 6th grade science students using the UDL Principles. This book was created as a pilot book and is in need of refinement, use the provided checklist to evaluate the book for the use of UDL principles.

    Post or turn in your responses in a PDF file.


Multiple Means of Representation

  1. Activate Background Knowledge
  2. Alternatives for Auditory Information
  3. Alternatives for Visual Information
  4. Clarifying Information
  5. Customizing the Display
  6. Guide Information
  7. Maximize Transfer and Generalization
  8. Multiple Media
  9. Multiple Representations
  10. Understanding Across Languages

Multiple Means of Action and Expression

  1. Appropriate Goal Setting
  2. Assistive Technology
  3. Capacity for Monitoring Progress
  4. Managing Information and Resources
  5. Media for Communication
  6. Planning and Strategy Development
  7. Response Methods
  8. Tools for Construction Composition

Multiple Means of Engagement

  1. Assessment and Reflection
  2. Collaboration and Community
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Individual Choice and Autonomy
  5. Mastery-Oriented Feedback
  6. Minimize Distractions
  7. Optimize Motivation
  8. Personal Coping Skills and Strategies
  9. Relevance, Value and Authenticity
  10. Vary Demands and Resources


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