Universal Design

Resources for Universal Design

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  1. Web Resources:
  2. Website Examples for the Activity
  3. Documents:
    • UDL Principles list for in-class activity (PDF | docx)
    • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Checklist (docx )
    • Climate Change (PDF) (iBook)

  4. References:
    • Hall, T., Meyer, A., Rose, D. Universal Design in the Classroom: Practical Applications. Guidford Press. 2012
    • Nelson, L. Design and Deliver. Brookes Publishing Co. 2014.
      (books found at: www.udlcenter.com/resource_library/books)


Multiple Means of Representation

  1. Activate Background Knowledge
  2. Alternatives for Auditory Information
  3. Alternatives for Visual Information
  4. Clarifying Information
  5. Customizing the Display
  6. Guide Information
  7. Maximize Transfer and Generalization
  8. Multiple Media
  9. Multiple Representations
  10. Understanding Across Languages

Multiple Means of Action and Expression

  1. Appropriate Goal Setting
  2. Assistive Technology
  3. Capacity for Monitoring Progress
  4. Managing Information and Resources
  5. Media for Communication
  6. Planning and Strategy Development
  7. Response Methods
  8. Tools for Construction Composition

Multiple Means of Engagement

  1. Assessment and Reflection
  2. Collaboration and Community
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Individual Choice and Autonomy
  5. Mastery-Oriented Feedback
  6. Minimize Distractions
  7. Optimize Motivation
  8. Personal Coping Skills and Strategies
  9. Relevance, Value and Authenticity
  10. Vary Demands and Resources

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