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Create an grading Spreadsheet

  1. Review the online spreadsheet tutorial on gradebooks. Download one of the practice files (data txt ) OR data word ). Note: You will not turn in the reports listed in this spreadsheet tutorial instead you will post a pdf and .xls version of the spreadsheet that you create which is tailored for the classes you plan to teach.
  2. Using information from online and in-program tutorials, and in class examples, produce an original spreadsheet that reflects your teaching interests.
  3. Create a grading spreadsheet tailored to the courses or content that you teach and includes a minimum of 10 columns, 10 rows and three different formulas. Print a pdf file of the spreadheet. Post both the pdf version and the original Microsoft Excell file ".xls" file.

Create an Online Survey with Qualtrics or Surveymonkey

Create a simple survey or exam related to the content that you teach. Your survey should include:

  1. An "Orientation and Policy" screen,
  2. at least 10 items or questions
  3. and a "Thank You" screen.
  4. Post the link to your survey in your portfolio.
  5. United State Geography Quiz data

Create a Free Qualtrics account for KU students:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click create an account (small type at the base of theLogin panel)
  3. Enter your email address as your username (must be a KU email acct)
  4. Enter a password you will remember and confirm it.
  5. Complete additional info, please enter your name…copy.
  6. Enter KU code: STD-2010-180
  7. You will be sent an email confirmation. Reply to this email to activate your account.

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