Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Grades weighting is as follows: Attendance 33% (40 points), Presentation 33% (40 points), Conference Proposal 33% (40 points).

  1. Attendance at each regular session is worth 5 points.

  2. Presentations: (40 points)

  3. Presenters will be assigned to the sessions by the close of the second class meeting. Class members will select a topic from the list below and prepare a written review, research or grant proposal not to exceed five word processed pages. You should submit your review to the class one session prior to when you will present or through e-mail at least one week in advance of your presentation. Grades will be based on the organization and quality of your presentation, adherence to the allotted time and the quality of your support media (if appropriate). Team presentations are encouraged but not required.

    Possible Topics:

    * Credited only if handout presentation for speaker/field trip is distributed 2 weeks in advance.

  4. Conference Presentation Proposal (40 points)
    Prepare a proposal for presentation at national or regional conference. The proposal must be submitted to Dr. Aust by the proposal due date. You may, but are not required to, submit your proposal. You will present your proposal during one of the last two class sessions. The conference proposal may be based on or extend the topic you previously presented (II). Evaluation of the conference proposal will be based on the importance as defined in the rationale segment, organization, clarity and adherence to the proposal guidelines.

Your final grade will be based on the following point scale: 120-114 = A 113-108 = A- 107-102 = B+ 101-96 = B 95 -91 = B- 90 -86 = C+ 85 -81 = C >80 = F

Belief Statement

Write a brief (>150 word) statement of the beliefs (underlying assumptions) that provide the foundation for your research and/or development agenda.

Using a grammar checker you will modify the statement as needed so that a reading level of grade nine or below is achieved.

You will send your belief statement to the seminar participants in an e-mail message and later read the statement to the class -- either during your first presentation or during the AECT Proposal presentation.

The seminar participants will react with awe when they hear how profound yet simple your beliefs are.

You will then be prepared when you are explaining your beliefs to others outside of our group and your listener asks "What in the world are you talking about?" (either explicitly or through facial expressions) Bolstered by visions of the awe struck faces of your C&I 896 colleagues, you will cleverly extract the necessary portions of your simple belief statement to clarify your point. Your listener will immediately respond with an AHA and a "gee s/he really does know what s/he is saying" nod.

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