Ed Tech Presentations

Educational Technology Presentations

  • Portfolio Presentation (time varies)
    1. Tell us your name(s) and your current or planned position in education.

    2. Describe Your Personal Philosophy of Education
      • Show your philosophy page and briefly describe how you will integrate technology in your teaching.
      • OPTIONAL: Show a "Standards Page" and briefly describe how you will address this standard in your teaching.

    3. Present selected evidence that demonstrate your competency in integrating technology in education.
      • Present 2 or 3 selected resources that are linked to the front page of your portfolio.

      • You may present collaborative projects with your partners but you should present at least one resource that you completed by yourself.

    4. Briefly describe changes that you envision for how technology will influence education in the future.

    5. Questions OPTIONAL (<3 minutes)

  • Collaborative Project Presentation

    Post the following items under Presention on your wiki at least 2 days ahead of the presentation date.

    1. 10 or more links to web resources that students will use to investigate their topic.
    2. A link to your project under Presentation (might include a powerpoint, web site, video, survey, wiki ...).
    3. Link this communication at the end af the participants page. ( docx | PDF )

    Presentation (10 minutes)

    1. Tell us your name(s) and current positions for each member of the group.
    2. Describe the Activity
      • The Activity Title.
      • The Development Environment (wikis, video, powerpoint, website...).
      • Describe how you collaborated most effectively (email, teleconferencing e.g. Skype, wikis, facebook...).
      • Describe your topic, key issues, questions and how it will benefit from international comparisons.
      • Describe how you will scafold the activities to build understanding.
    3. Present your example of what might be created.
      • Present your example.
      • Describe future plans or other types of activities that your students will engage in.

    Questions (5 minutes)

  • Client Project Presentation

    Client's Name:
    Developed by:
    Program used (eg. Web):

    Guide for presenting your project:

    1. Bring your paper, client evaluation letter and software to class (and/or post these pages on the WWW).Make sure your CAI is ready to present in advance.
    2. Tell the group your name(s), the instructional goals, the learners that you have designed the instruction for and the reason why the topic you selected is suited to instruction with microcomputers.
    3. Present the Instructional Resource and tell how it will be incorporated in your teaching. In fairness to all members of the class, your presentation should not exceed 20 minutes. If your program is longer, cut it short and explain how it ends.
    4. Conclude with a description of the formative and summative evaluation strategies you will use. What worked well and what could be improved? Finally, ask the class for feedback about your project and how it might be improved further.

    Criteria used to grade the final project and ID paper:
    The ID paper is the rationale for designing the Instructional Resource.

    I. Title, Instructional Goals and Performance Objectives
      (match performance objectives to evaluation items)
    II. Target Audience (learner characteristics and client description)
      (Describe required entry skills, relevant learning styles and conditions)
    III. Evaluation Strategy
      (Alpha and Beta Formative as well as Summative Evaluation )
    IV. Quality of Product & Presentation
      (Based on your product and your class presentation)
    V. Client Evaluation
      (Were the instructional or other goals clearly identified?
      Did the instructional materials achieve these goals?
      Overall, how do you judge the quality of these materials)

    Total (100pts.)_____


  • Masters Exam Presentation (time varies)
    1. Tell us your name(s) and your current or planned position in education.

    2. The Paper Title.

    3. Importance of the problem or need.

    4. Describe Relevant Literature.

    5. Describe the research method OR instructional strategy / intervention.

    6. Conclusions and Recommendations.

    7. List the target journal(s) for publications.

  • 896 Seminar in Theory of Educational Technology | Ed Tech