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Communicating with the Client

Client Negotiation

When designing instruction for clients, you will negotiate a contract for specify the instructional requirements. These requirements might include:
  1. a prioritized list of objectives,
  2. a description of the end users,
  3. the media requirements and/or availability,
  4. the time frame for achieving the objectives,
  5. a review of literature or "comparables",
  6. the cost of the instruction,
  7. establishing a scheme for auditing and verifying each decisions. This might take the form of an alpha prototype trail.
  8. the assessment tools that will be used in determining if the objectives have been met.

Client Letter


DESIGNERS_NAMES is in our ELPS 812 “Design of Instruction” class this semester and zzz designing an instructional resource for you entitled “zzz”. At the conclusion of the project, please email the instructional designers and me with a brief letter evaluating the finished instructional Design product? Your evaluation should address the following questions:

  • Were the instructional or other goals clearly identified?

  • Did the instructional materials achieve these goals?

  • Overall, how do you judge the quality of these materials?
  • Please send an email to me with your evaluation or let me know if you are unable to provide this evaluation no later than DATE_HERE.

    Thank You,