Research Design Overview

Research Design Overview

Note: This is a very brief overview of a typical research paper design that is intended for discussion only. This brief is not intended to replace or substitute for other approaches you may have learned in your research design classes. This is the basic structure for the Ph.D Dissertation. Ph.D Proposals include the first three chapters: Introduction, Review of Literature and Mehthods.

I. Statement of the Problem

This section establishes that you are addressing a problem that is worthy of further investigation. Your rationale might explain that your study will:

The statement of the problem should conclude with a summary of the importance of the problem and possibly your general hypotheses.

II. Literature Review

This section is a review of philosophies, practices and research that relate to the problem you are addressing. The summary at the end of the literature review may include specific hypotheses to be tested.

III. Method

This section describes the study that you are conducting it may include a description of:

IV. Results

An explanation of what the study found from an objective perspective. This section should not include your interpretation of the findings.

V. Summary and Conclusions

This section begins with your interpretation of the findings. You may also include the study's limitations, recommendation for changes in practices or further research.